Photography/post production/illustration/concept: Angelique Joy
Model: Emily
Year: 2019

Mother Adani

‘The environment? None of it maters because God will soon return’
This belief was a large part of my upbringing. The male-human centric notion that we, under the hand of God, are all that matters on this earth and that all of the world and its resources are at our disposal (including those with wombs), is a belief that has informed so much of our policies and the suited people that sign them.
I have never been particularly engaged with environmental concerns.
As an adult, I have been given the space to deconstruct my early indoctrination. A large part of this unlearning involved research into spiritual practices that pre-date Christianity, into belief structures that nurture our interconnectedness with each other and our earth.
Magic is held in the earth and our bones.
Magic, is ancient wisdom encased in the cells of every living thing.
God, for me, is feeling the energy of a giant tree that has existed on this earth much longer than I have been inhaling its shared oxygen and knowing we are connected- we are our earth, we are not separate, but one.
It is our separation of self that is at the core, I believe, of every single problem we face- Our belief that one being- due to race, sexuality, ability etc- is separate and more important than any other is at the core of all human pain.
Our environment is EVERYTHING and must be protected- in protecting it, we are protecting each other.
Fuck the people that sign policies that line their wallets for the few years they have on this earth.
I had this image in my head when I read about the issues facing The Great Australian Bite & the Adani mine, but didn’t know any pregnant women… then all these magical beings came to our home to create art for arts sake. We shot this during the Prime Ministers Supper shoot…. I wasn’t sure what to do with it, it did not really match that set…..
Then a love (Nickas <3) Tagged me in an arts project to protect the Black Throated Finches that will be harmed near the Adani mine, that recently, was approved to go ahead.
This, is what this image is for.
This incredible art project aims to send 1000 black throated finches to decision makers in relation to the Adani mine.
Check out the Black Finch Project on IG #blackFinchProject initiated by @cwatson_studio – thank you! Supported by @thiswildsong, @tinningstreet & @the_art_room.
Mother Earth model: The divine @emily.adelaide.model. Suits- @travis.langs & @jeffmartinartist