Visual Artist

Expanded Photography

Posthuman Reworldings & Cyborg Writing

Neuroqueer & Gender Non-compliant 

Kaurna Land, Adelaide.

Angelique Joy


Angelique Joy is a Neuroqueer, gender non-compliant visual artist working within the field of expanded photography. Currently, Angelique is studying a Masters of Photography at RMIT, living and working on Kaurna Land, Adelaide.

Their practice has sought to interrogate ‘self’ and space; aiming to create a transversal connection between the two. Angelique’s intrigue into spaces: the spaces we inhabit; the spaces we claim; and the spaces we are kept from, began with a curiosity into the cultural and physical spaces we all unfold within and how each ‘self’ is constructed within that. This exploration of space upon our sense of self feature heavily in their work. Angelique is interested in how the physical and the virtual, the imaged and the real intersect with identity.
Their work is concerned with binary ways of being- the dominant and the other, neurotypical and neuroqueer; through a posthuman, transversal method of connecting polarities and disparate ways of being they are seeking to (neuro)queer neuronormative and gendernormative oppressive expectations. Their current work is an attempt at cyborg writing; a reimagining for potential posthuman utopias…

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