Please leave me here.

Through botanical affinities and performative selfportraiture Please Leave Me Here explores neuroqueer embodiment and alienation; immersed in an unfolding rewriting, poisonous botanicals, and material (dis)connections. As you are reading, I am rewriting, Read me, hold me, and then, please, leave me here, (…)

Set styling/Photography and post production: Angelique Joy


Mediated by the camera, material connections and affinities with poisonous botanicals, this body of work explores neuroqueer (autistic/autigendered) embodiment. In the presence of human (dis)connections, the work illustrates a connection with our botanical nonhuman companions; stitching stories of the self, the othered body, the alienation that we are bestowed and the safety we find in the alienation we choose. Each portrait is staged within an insulated, richly layered material environment; the botanical and the human are safe and cocooned within the drawn curtains and rich material layers. The botanical portraits are of the poisonous Datura and Brugmansia flowers;
innocent flowers that have been villainised and othered. The self portraits are shown in dialogue with the botanical portraits; this gesture is an attempt at becoming with these botanical non-human companions and illustrates an affinity and connection. The title speaks to the duality held within these portraits; each portrait is a gesture of revealing and concealing, a hope for connection while also wishing to retreat into the folds of the fabric. Please see me, hold me, but then, please leave me here…