Presentation of self - FELTspace FELTdark 2019

FELTspace ARI Graduate Award work
Created for the 2019 SALA festival shown at FELTDark
Unitcare Services Moving Image Award Finalist

The presentation of self
Date: 2019.
Materials: Single channel video.
Dimensions: Variable.

Through glass windows and time, we observe. Brassed edged clock covers, mirrors and magnification create viewing eyes, through them we view a life and a death.
Identity created. Identity extinguished.

This work has been created in response to sociologist Erving Goffman’s theory of identity formation through the dramaturgical approach- His theory notes that identity is created through display, time, observation, expectation & impression management.

Observation and expectation internalised. Identity bound.

Audio track created by sound producer Joy & Sparkes from a music box recording provided by the artist.