Take my hand - Head On photography Festival 2015

Emma Hack Art Prize 2015 – Finalist
Head On photography Festival 2015 – Semi-finalist

Take my hand…
(Previous title – Conditioning – nature vs nurture)

Year: 2015
Materials: Giclee print
Size: 150x100cm

Photography/concept/art direction/styling/words: Angelique Joy
Lighting/post production guidance: Brent Leideritz
Models: Georgia, Kevin, Pamela, Ibn

Family: The foundations that create who we are, who we want to be, where we want to be and what we all want from this life and world.

How we see the world and where we fit within it is refracted through the experiences provided to us within the family unit. All of who we are, your identity and mine, is created because of, or in spite of the family unit. Nature versus nurture. What happens behind closed doors, what happens when all are looking? What are the things that we rebelled against? What are the things we cling to? What is ‘Family’? How is family defined in our current environment? How does that current definition affect the family unit and how it is expected to be?…

This piece seeks to question and explore the notion of family. It seeks to challenge our ideas of family and how that fits within our world. It seeks to challenge family ideals and the world they fit within.

Conditioning and rebellion. Social expectations and constructs. Nature versus nurture…

(In case you missed it, our father figure is holding the KJV of the Holy Bible)