Audrey - Bowness Photography Prize 2021

Audrey 2021 from the series Earthly delights and the spaces in between.
Pigment ink-jet print, 105x70cm.

Ask the Artist
Date: 2021.
Materials: Single channel video interview.
Dimensions: Variable.

These works are imaginings for new modes of being.
Coded futures and a painted past.
Surreal textile objects disrupting controlled environments, and how we are expected to pass through them.
From one side of a dualistic way of being to the other.
Good and evil, control and release, colour and grey, neurotypical and neurodivergent, fantasy and reality.
These are the spaces in between; rich soil for growth.
Ever unfolding realities and generative, coded futures.
Digital play and material stitches.
Futures for bodies without organs.
Neurocosmopolitan and earthly delights.
A push and pull between channels and dimensions.
To stitch a thread from one way of being to the other.
These works are an attempt to make visible the unseen.