Binary Pixilation

Concept, art direction, make up, all post production: Angelique Joy
Photography, model: Brent Leideritz
Year: 2015


Binary pixilation

Opinion changed by education.
Education changed by opinion.
Safer schools.
Saved values.
Educated values.
Values changed by opinion.
Opinion changed by values.
Values just another opinion.
Opinion or voice.
Voice an opinion.
An educated voice.
Voices and opinions educating values.
Opinions agressively voiced.
Just another voice.
A different value.
Just another opinion.
A different educational background.
Just another argument.
Shall we all just be quiet.
We will all just be told.
binary pixilation.


Bitch Speak

Please don’t take it.
It’s all that I have.
Don’t be so dramatic,
Look at all your fat dripping flesh.
I only just found it.
It is all that I am.
Just look at them all,
They are happy in our mess.
Happy in their bliss.
We took theirs,
While they were entertained.
Don’t you see.
Whats that?
I can’t hear you!
Bitch speak!
Oh, that’s right.
My apologies.
But of course you can still see.
Oh the pain in that.