What would you tell them if they were listening?

Any one, any ‘them’, if they were listening and you knew they could hear, what would you say? what would you scream? what would you whisper if you knew it would make a difference?

If you felt like you had a voice what would you say? what is the most important thing you would want them to hear?

Lady of sorrows is a silent statue, installation work about connectivity, about the things we share, the things we don’t and all the things we would say if we thought they would listen. while she is visually referencing the tradition of prayer cards and attempting to invoke the stillness and intent of these little objects, she is not intended to be a religious work.

People are invited to engage with the silent statue by placing a coin in the urn, LOS would then provide them with a card and a pen and they are to write a message and pin that message on her garments…

Insitu …

Artwork concept, artwork direction and collection of words/Costume design and construction: Angelique Joy
Photography/post production logo and design: Brent Leideritz