Photography/concept/art direction/costume design/styling/words: Angelique Joy
Models: Annie
Year: 2015

Game master …

Game Master.
Master of Play.
Did you think I’d get caught in the tedious little things you say?
Game master.
Think you hold all the strings.
Tugging some heart to see what it brings.
Game master.
Moving the pieces here and there.
A power play. I don’t care.
Game master.
Demanding things you’re not willing to give.
Back and forth.
I’m sure you are happy with how you choose to live.
But you are not.
I see.
Game master.
Roll the dice.
Just pieces on the board.
Game master.
You don’t know my fire.
Go on. Light the flame.
I know how to play this game.
Your mistake my dear.
Game master.
How did you think it would play out this time?
Check mate Sunshine.
Check Mate.