Beautiful Bizarre article
Author: Angelique Joy
Year: 2019

Beautiful Bizarre & photographer Tim Walker

“In Walker’s contemporary re-contextualisation of The Garden of Earthly Delights the crisp divide between sinner and saint is blurred, what was once seen as sinful indulgence is questioned; we are instead, lost, in colour, fantasy and glassy skin … where is the evil in these delicate, velvety worlds?

This body of images further seems to question what is right and what is wrong?

What is light and what is dark?

Walker’s images create a divine tension between the one and the other, we, reflected in his images, are both, we are each beautiful and terrifying, good and bad, sinner and saint. Judgment of self is left, in medieval times with Bosch and his religious patrons, in Walker’s reimagined Garden we are romanced by a luscious darkness and candy coloured details, we are enchanted by a deliciously dark dream and liberated from the original sin.”

The full piece can be viewed at Beautiful Bizarre