Medieval Fair

SA Med Fair was an existing SA brand with a loyal following. With a board change they were looking towards a re-brand and exciting new creative direction.

My role was to manage the role out of the re-brand on social media. In collaboration with the graphic designer and creative lead, we created a staged approach to the roll out that was positively received and increased socials engagement.

I approached the roll out by creating on theme characters, sticking to themed language with a focus on connecting to the medieval community. My work on this project included creating custom memes, cooking videos, brand animations and various other assets.

Client: SA Medieval Fair
Creative Lead: Brent Leideritz
Graphic Design: Brent Leideritz
Photography: Brent Leideritz
Social media strategy: Angelique Joy
Concept/character development: Angelique Joy
Socials and online copy: Angelique Joy
Short term social media management: Angelique Joy (Nov 2021 – Jan 2022)
Video Animation: Angelique Joy
Socials clips: Angelique Joy